Welcome to Establishment Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
       INTRODUCTION  It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Secretary to coordinate the work of all Departments of Government. The Chief Secretary may call for any case or information from any Department or Attached Department. The Establishment…....
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Minister Message
The Establishment and Administration Department shall be responsible for: The determination of the principles of control of Government servants, including recruitment, conditions of service and discipline The coordination of the policy of all Departments with... View Details
Secretary Message Mr. Arshad Majeed
Secretary Establishment, Mr. Arshad majeed Education or extension in the scope of functions of a Department as given in Schedule-II or the transfer of such functions from one    Department to another Re-organization or change i... View Details
Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Chief Secretary 9210666-9211837
Dy: Secretary IPS to Chief Secretary 9210900-9210124
PSO to Chief Secretary 9210355-9210123
Secretary Establishment 9210349
PS to Secretary Establishment 9210349-921035
Special Secretary (Reg) 9210069-9210123 / 111
PS to Special Secretary (Reg) 9210069
Additional Secretary (Establishment) 9210514-9210123 / 273
PA to Additional Secretary (Establishment) 9210514
Additional Secretary (Judi) 9210085
Additional Secretary Cabinet 9210525
Deputy Secretary (Establishment) 9210081
Deputy Secretary (Reg-I) 9210904 -9210123 / 214
Deputy Secretary (Reg-II) 9210367-9210123 / 217
Deputy Secretary (Reg-III) 9210469-9210123 / 216
Section Officer (E I) 9210529-9210124 / 230
Section Officer (E II) 9210551-9210123 / 172
Section Officer (E III) 9210524-9210124 / 219
Section Officer (E IV) 9210461-9210123
Section Officer (E V) 9213457-9210123
Section Officer (Reg-1) 9210860
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