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Termination of Probation Period - rules

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IT Wing - page

                                  IT WING   Computer Cell deals with Electronic Data Processing activities of the Establishment & Administration Depar
Regulation Wing - page

                              REGULATION WING Matters pertaining to preparation of polices/rules by the provincial Govt. Interpretation of various service rules and tendering advice to
Establishment Wing - page

                                  ESTABLISHMENT WING  Service matters of:- all APUG officers (DMG & Secretariat Group), all PCS (EG & SG) office
Welcome to Establishment Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - message

       INTRODUCTION  It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Secretary to coordinate the
Secretary Message Mr. Arshad Majeed - message

Secretary Establishment, Mr. Arshad majeed Education or extension in the scope of functions of a Department as given in Schedule-II or the transfer of such functions from one    Department to another Re-organization or change in the status o
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Welcome Chief Secretary  
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